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In the late 90's, fate sent a few internet buddies from the remnants of the defunct Pro Pilot to the Fly! series and the formation of the Fly! Ontario Scenery Design Team.

We would still be there if it weren't for the unfortunate loss of a flight simulator genius, Richard Harvey, which led to the demise of Fly!

With what seemed to be no purpose in life, we decided, upon the release of FS2002, to take a close look at the program to determine the extent to which it was conducive to scenery design.

After many months of hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth during the heavy learning cycle, we were astounded by just how much we could pack into a scenery.

After a quick terrascene fix of Prince Edward Island (FS 2002), we decided to tackle the area around Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (CYQT) for some friends who had access to the airport, a digital camera and some free time...from there developed FLIGHT ONTARIO TEAM.


To create Freeware VFR scenery packages, as real as it gets, for the benefit of flight simmers worldwide with the hope that our work would inspire others to create their own sceneries.

"It has been my personal goal for years to create a scenery that a flight school would find worthy for use in training." - Jim Kanold

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