At it's peak, Canada's British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was graduating 3,000 aircrew a month from over 100 training schools across Canada.

 This was a huge mobilization of personnel and resources required to get the plan off the ground and make it work day by day. The end result would be counted among the best trained airmen in the world and become Canada's principle contribution to the victory of World War II. From inception to the end, a total of 131,553 aircrew were trained as Pilots, Navigators "B", Navigators "W", Air Bombers, Wireless Operators & Air Gunners, Flight Engineers and Naval Air Gunners.


Flight Ontario is producing a BCATP scenery that will eventually include all of the bases where these schools were located, and will be available for both FS9 and FSX.  The buildings will be made to look like those of that era; the runways, taxiways and aprons will be shaped to as near the original shapes as they were when the bases were active.